Back-to-School Carpool Tips from Frontier Honda

It's that time of year again—the kids are back from summer camp, and heading back to school. If you're like many Longmont parents, then you may use a carpool system to ferry your children back and forth, instead of a bus. If so, here are a few tips to make your carpool go smoothly:

Plan ahead. Get the neighborhood parents together to decide who is going to drive on which days, routes, pickup times, and drop-off times. Make sure there's any easy way you can all keep in touch, like a Facebook message group, group text, or email chain.

Prepare your car. If you have a three-row SUV, like the Honda Pilot, you're a good candidate for a carpool chauffeur. Whoever is driving must have enough room in their vehicle for all of the kids—no doubling up on laps. Make sure there are booster seats for children under four-foot-nine.

Exit safely. Have older kids exit the vehicle first so they can help younger children, and have everyone get out on the curb side, rather than risk opening doors into traffic. Always check the backseat for stragglers.

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