Lease or Loan: Do You Know Which is Right for You?

Leasing or buying offers a number of benefits to drivers of all budget types, but which one is really the best match for you? Our team will help you determine the answer to that while you are here checking out the available new and used models, but before you visit, here are a few key points to know beforehand.

  • Buying is best for the driver who wants a new or used car, likes the idea of an eventual payoff of owning the vehicle after the loan terms have been satisfied, and who doesn’t mind the slightly higher monthly payment in favor of having no mileage restrictions.
  • Leasing is right for the driver who wants a lower monthly payment, doesn’t mind a mileage restriction in favor of having a new car every few years, and enjoys the benefits of trying out a particular model or brand before committing to owning it outright. Only new cars can be leased.

To get the skinny on what option is truly right for you, contact our team or stop by for a test drive and we can help you decide between these two excellent financing options.


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