Trouble With Not Getting Car Tire Tread Checked Often

The damage that you are doing to the car tires is nothing compared to what could be happening to your vehicle when you are not getting the tires inspected. The service center at our dealership wants you to be aware of the dangers that can come from neglecting your tires.

If the tires are beginning to wear unevenly, what could happen is that it affects the alignment of the car, and this will result in the car pulling to the sides as you reach higher speeds. The longer between tire rotations, the more work is going to be involved in aligning the front end of the car.

As the treads begin to wear in an uneven pattern, it makes it that much harder for the tires to grip the road and keep your vehicle in the lane safely.

Stop at Frontier Honda and our team will get your car on the lift to inspect those tires immediately.

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