Be Prepared this Winter: Store Sand in your Automobile

Are you already feeling the bite of winter in Longmont? With the colder temperatures comes the increased likelihood of snow and ice. Now is the time to ensure you are prepared for when an icy or snowy situation strikes! Most people realize the importance of having an emergency kit for cold weather in their vehicle. This kit will include essentials like a blanket, protein bars, extra gloves and/or hats. And, it should include sand.

Why have sand in your vehicle? This can be a great option for when your vehicle becomes stuck in the snow or ice. And it is a much cheaper alternative than kitty litter, with the bonus of being safer for the environment versus salt.

Sand is going to add traction when it is spread onto the ice or snow, and it does not turn this to mush! This can be regular sandbox sand, which is easily available at your local home improvement store. Along with storing sand in your car, be sure that you take your vehicle in for its scheduled maintenance. Visit Frontier Honda so you can feel confident your vehicle will be great in the snowy conditions this winter.

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