The Fast And The Food: Traveling With Holiday Dishes

When holidays quickly approach, one thing is for certain: my stomach is happy in anticipation. I make sure to have my Tupperware ready with matching lid to get some of that good juicy turkey and delicious pumpkin pie.

I even have a pre-planned route to ensure that I get to visit all of my family and friend’s house efficiently. The most important aspect of the commute is the safety of my grub, so we've compiled a list for your safe holiday food transport consideration.

  • Make sure to have high-quality containers that can handle a bump or a knock on the floor.
  • Insulate your container within another container, bag or box to ensure you contain any spillage.
  • Use towels, pot holders, and oven mitts for extremely hot food.
  • Have a good wingman that can hold the food in their lap or beside them the whole trip

Here at Frontier Honda, we hope you have safe travels and good food this holiday!

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