Why Your Car's Headlights may be Inadequate

Your car's headlights may not be doing their job as well as you may think. Over time, your car's headlights won't perform as well as they should due to cloudiness forming on the lenses, dimming of the bulbs, and misalignment in the headlights themselves. Any of these conditions can make driving more hazardous by reducing your visibility and making it harder for others to see you as well.

By performing headlight maintenance, you can make your nighttime driving safer for yourself and others. To ensure your car's headlights are performing their best, perform these simple test.
  • Inspect the lenses- Check the headlight lenses and make sure they are crystal clear. Foggy and yellow lenses will diffuse the light which will reduce your visibility.
  • Check the brightness- Headlights dim over time. Check the brightness by parking on a level surface and shining your car's headlights on an even surface like a garage door from about a five-foot distance. If the light pool is is not white, bright and clear, then you should replace your bulbs.
The surest way to ensure your car's headlights are working their absolute best is to bring it to the service center at Frontier Honda in Longmont. We'll be happy to inspect your headlights and replace them if necessary.
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