Personal Safety In a Roadside Emergency

If you, unfortunately, find yourself in a roadside emergency situation, it is important to make sure you keep yourself safe. Roadside emergencies can be scary and confusing, but it is important to be aware of your personal safety. Below are two tips to ensure you are safe during a roadside emergency situation:
  • Stay In Your Car- If you find yourself alone in a roadside emergency and you are able to safely move your car to the side of the road away from traffic, lock the doors and stay inside your vehicle until help arrives. Unfortunately, not everyone has the best intentions so if someone approaches you wanting to help stay in your car and wait for law enforcement or a family member.
  • Identification- If you find yourself alone in a roadside emergency and you are not able to safely move your car away from traffic and you require help, it is important to ask for their identification and note their name, phone number, and address. If an individual is willing to help they should have no problem giving you their information
At Frontier Honda we always keep safety in mind and want drivers to do the same if you have any questions regarding your car and safely come visit our Longmont location and speak with one of our experts.
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