Clean Air Filters Promote Fuel Efficiency and Passenger Comfort

Dirty or clogged air filters in your vehicle seriously reduce fuel efficiency levels. Not only do worn out air filters reduce overall airflow in the cabin of your car, they also reduce acceleration and cause an increase in noise when the fan is operating. If the air quality in your car has recently deteriorated, it's time for you to call the service department at Frontier Honda in Longmont, CO to schedule an air filter inspection and replacement.

Our service technicians are expert at replacing both passenger cabin air filters as well as the air filter protecting dirt and dust from entering the engine. If you or anyone who rides in your vehicle suffers from seasonal allergies, replacing a dirty passenger cabin air filter will do wonders for eliminating dust, mold, pollen and other pollutants from the atmosphere. And when we replace your engine filter, you'll notice better acceleration and increased fuel efficiency.

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