When Does a Brake Pedal Need Repair?

The brake pedal seldom needs replacement. Brake pedals are simple devices that apply pressure to a master cylinder that then increases pressure through lines to the brake calipers to stop the vehicle. The brake pedal should provide the driver with a solid feel as pressure is applied. When the brake pedal feels mushy, that is when the driver should be concerned about brake issues.

The principal cause of mushy brakes is air in the brake fluid line. When you press on the brake pedal, the fluid compresses the air in the line before it applies pressure to the brake calipers. The more air in the line, the mushier the brakes feel. The solution is to bleed the brake line of fluid and refill the line.

To have your brake fluid line cleaned and diagnosed for leakage, bring your car to our service center at Frontier Honda in Longmont, CO.

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