Tips For Cleaning Your Tires

Shopping for new tires can be an expensive and overwhelming task. If you have a little bit of life in your current set of tires, maybe a good cleaning will give them another year or so, as long as the tread is in good shape. Let's take a look at some useful tips for cleaning your tires:
  • Invest in some good quality products that are specifically designed for your brand of tire. If you need a recommendation, stop down to our Frontier Honda service center to find out more.
  • Have a set of towels or microfiber cloths that you specifically use for your tires. You don't want to damage the rest of your vehicle.
  • Clean your tires each time that you wash your car. If you make a routine out of it, your tires will stay in good shape and look great for the entire length of time that you own them.
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