Why Winter Tires are Important

As much as we hate having to replace our tires, it’s important to have good winter tires on your car if you’re going to be driving in winter weather. I’m sure drivers living in Wisconsin or the Midwest would fully agree! Come and see the professionals at Frontier Honda and let us show you our selection of winter tires and advise you on which ones you need based on your driving.
• We offer passenger performance tires if you drive mostly on dry roads.
• We offer studded winter tires for if you need more traction on ice.
• We offer studless winter tries for if you need more traction on snow.

All of the tires are offered in sizes for both cars and trucks/SUVs.

We would love the opportunity to show you our winter tires and swap them for you if need be. Pay our showroom in Longmont a visit and allow us to offer our services.



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