We want you to treat your tires optimally at Frontier Honda. You will improve your ability to drive safely around Longmont, and you will help your tires last longer.

See your owner's manual for your auto's ideal tire pressure. Measure each tire's pressure with an air-pressure gauge. Release or add air as needed. Repeat this process monthly. Tires with too little air respond slower, and tires with too much air steal surface area from the relationship between your car and the road. Under-inflated and over-inflated tires also roll through their treads faster than they should.

Check your tires' treads routinely by placing a penny into each tire's grooves with Lincoln's head pointed into the tire. If you can see Lincoln's whole head once the penny reaches the groove's bottom, you should schedule a tire-replacement appointment. Alternatively, use the wear bars found in modern tires' grooves. When a bar meets a tire's tread surface, the tire has completed its life cycle.



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