The New Honda Passport is Capable in Many Terrains

The new 2019 Honda Passport is a comfortable yet tough midsize SUV. The 2019 Passport is compact enough to maximize fuel efficiency and mobility while large enough to take on heavy-duty tasks if necessary. This capability is embodied in many innovative features, and these include Intelligent Traction Management and all-wheel-drive performance at the touch of buttons.

The 2019 Honda Passport Intelligent Traction Management system makes up for driver deficiencies and boosts safety levels. This proprietary system can sense wheel slip and supply traction when necessary. Also, drivers have the option to choose various driving modes. These modes include sand, mud, and snow settings.

For on-road settings, the 2019 Passport includes a push-button all-wheel-drive capability. This feature contributes to increased road-worthiness on highway roads and boosted traction during snowy or wet weather. Plus, it comes in handy for towing related tasks.


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