Playing Around With The Features On The Honda HR-V

It is categorically true that people love the Honda HR-V. Sure, there are probably some who can find something to put their nose up at with the 2020 Honda HR-V, but they are few and far between. The features are what makes the difference.

All-wheel drive comes standard on this vehicle. It is a lot easier to travel on uneven terrain and other unusual areas with your Honda HR-V since it has all-wheel drive than it would be to travel in a standard vehicle.

While you are out on your expeditions, you might consider using the Apple CarPlay feature to play your favorites from your smartphone throughout the vehicle. It is an extremely comfortable way to enjoy your favorite entertainment while you make the journeys that you have to as part of your daily commute. Check it out on the 2020 Honda HR-V and you will never want to go back to not having it.


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