Longmont drivers rarely think about the age or condition of their windshield wiper blades until they stop working effectively. When wipers wear down, streaks and blurry spots can make it difficult to safely navigate the road. That's why at Froniter Honda, we're eager to help consumers learn more about maintaining and replacing these incredibly important components.

How To Know If Your Wiper Blades Should Be Replaced

Check your windshield wipers to see if the rubber has become brittle and stiff. These are changes that occur as the result of oxidization and near-constant sun exposure. If your wipers chatter or skip when in use, or if they're constantly leaving streaks behind, they have probably reached the end of their lifespan.

Determining The Best Schedule For Wiper Blade Replacement

Your wiper blades should be carefully inspected during your regular maintenance visits, just ahead of the rainy season, and whenever they start under-performing. This allows mechanics to identify and resolve problems before you actually need your wiper blades for visibility. For additional details on good wiper blade maintenance or for professional automotive service, come by Frontier Honda now.


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